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Our Focus
About Us
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Our Focus
Global expertise
We connect continents, and erase borders. No matter where in the world you happen to reside, we unite advertisers and webmasters worldwide.
High quality service
We are internet marketing professionals, seasoned with many years of experience. Our team is focused on you achieving your advertising dreams.
Targeted approach
Our platform allows us to customize geographical locations, as well as the specific time of the day we can advertise specific campaigns and offers.
Register your website in our
network and start making money!
We make every effort to improve the service quality and conversion. Our company guarantees:
Constant revenue from the websites in the network system
24/7 support;
Individual approach;
Transparent accounting system;
Ad material management.
A variety of options available:
Screensaver (Splash screen)
A preliminary page display before the start page is loaded, it usually displays advertisement. Screensaver automatically switches to the start page after a short time.
An ad that appears in the separate window over other already opened windows.
All website pages under branding construction change in accordance with the corporate style of the advertiser. The effectiveness of such advertising is very high, especially for campaigns whose primary purpose is to achieve the brand effect.
Ad format that differs from interstitial by much higher image quality and the fact that advertising is fully loaded before the display.
Ad Formats : We offer the most effective services based on analysis of various online ad format
Static banners, animated banners, vertical and horizontal, different sizes (300×250, 240×400, 600×200, 468×60, 728×90, 160×600).
A promotional product invisible to the client (user) allows opening a pop-up or pop-under when performing a specific action, such as clicking on a certain element. Present technology allows flexible editing of the work parameters for maximum conversions.
Advertising that appears in the lower corner of the window screen. You can close it by clicking on the “x” button.
Video Ads
Short video ad preview before the full movie or music video display.
Ad appears in the gap between the user’s request for the information and its receipt. Once user clicks on the ad, he gets straight access to the advertiser’s website.
Advertising that pops under the window. It is invisible unless you close, minimize, or move other windows.
Daughter window
Advertisement that appears in a separate window and tied to the banner displayed at the moment. In practice first comes the main content of the banner, second daughter window.
Sponsored links
Links are hidden behind other titles and buttons.
We are ready to discuss your sugestions to best fit to your personal needs. If you are interested in any other type of ad that isn’t listed here, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to suit each campaign to your personal needs.
Dock your website….
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Galaksion is a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the online business
We offer:

Quality traffic

Advertising sites worldwide

Thorough website moderation, which will display your products/services

Transparent, simple and understandable record system of impressions, clicks and conversions

We save your time and money. Our company uses cost-per-mille (CPM), clicks (CPC), lead (CPL), and action (CPA) system
Why Galaksion?

Control and statistical analysis. Our system allows quick change of the banner settings — add/remove banners, change the intensity of impressions, etc

Simplicity and clarity. We control the entire flow of clicks and impressions to prevent cheats (done by webmasters)

Advanced targeting. We make every effort of targeted ad to reach the right clients. Our system constantly improves for better optimal results

Dynamic optimization of ad platforms. We are working on clearly defined criteria to increase the target audience of advertised material
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galaksion’s 5 PRINCIPLES
Worldwide coordination
Galaksion is headquartered in Scotland, but one of our greatest advantages and principals is our internationally coordinated staff. We have a personal touch on connecting continents.
Honesty and Openness
Our second principal is our transparency. We have our statistics provided virtually online in our self-service platform
An individual approach
Our team is equipped and dedicated to give each client a personalized strategy to maximize their earning potential.
Client needs’ orientated
Whatever the client’s goals may be, our staff always keeps the client’s needs as our top priority.
Continuous improvement
Our team is always seeking perfection. In the ever changing world of virtual advertising, we have a team dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends.
Want to go global? We can help with that.
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Phone: 00 44 1463 216126
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