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Тип: Файловый трафик
Выплаты: Webmoney
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Обзор партнерской программы Installmania

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PPI affiliate program that pays for installed offers sponsored by software advertisers and
provides the highest revshare for publishers
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Maximize your earnings and get the highest revshare just for start working with us!
Distribute our link and get up to 90% of the all earned money. Many payment methods are
available and discussable.

Get a personal affiliate manager and all experience of our technical team. Quick responses
and always happy to help you in any questions.

Smart system of promo-offers — the best way to maximize your earnings. Automatically detects
what user has installed and displays the best offer — no blank installs and no potential
money loses!

Get the all our experience of converting traffic and try it on your website. Our goal is
making you richer and happier!

How can I earn money with your affiliate program?
We pay for installs of additional promo-offers that our system displays to user.
What kind of software do you promote? Is it legal?
Our advertisers are a real companies and software owners, all their promo-offers are legal in all
countries. Installs without user’s permission are prohibited.
What kind of traffic do you accept?
Mostly we convert download traffic but you may test the other kinds too.
You are prohibited from sending adult and gambling traffic, spam, botnet and another kinds of
cheating. Accounts in violation of this policy will be banned without any payments.
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About Us
Using a PPI-based model we promote additional promo-offers of our advertisers by installing a
free torrent-client as a platform of offers. When user accepts and installs an additional
promo-offer webmaster gets the revenue share. Every day we work on our traffic conversions and
look for the best promo-offers and there are 2 main features of our company: good ratio of
installs and eCPM + the highest default rate for webmasters. It’s never been so easy to become
richer if you already have traffic! Switch your traffic for a few days and we will prove it.
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