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Тип: Мобильные CPA
Выплаты: Webmoney
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FOR Advertisers
FOR Publishers
About US

State of The Art Mobile Ads
Make more money with our high-precision ad system
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Recruit Only Engaged Users
Get high activity users from unique targeted sources
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Make More Money
with Your International traffic
We offer over 500 mobile ad campaigns from global advertisers
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Explode your user base by getting top global publishers
Get a global reach to promote your app with actual installs instead of clicks or impressions. We can drive traffic from any country or city you specify!
Profit from Personalized Attention
Your ad campaigns are assigned to your personal account manager who will work with you to fully optimize your campaign
Pay Only for Results!
Pay only if real users install your app or perform specific actions with your mobile game
Get only Quality Affiliates
We filter all our affiliate applicants hard and constantly monitor all accepted affiliates’ traffic patterns to prevent fraud and abuse
Profit from our Expertise
We know where to find the best traffic for your mobile ad campaign and how to finetune it
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Easy integration with almost all tracking systems
Our platform will even custom integrate with your own third party tracking system

We are committed to our affiliates’ long-term success!
You can’t find any better partner than us when it comes to turning your hard-earned traffic into cold hard cash. Besides high payouts and unique exclusive offers, we work closely with you so you can get the most value out of your traffic.
Custom-crafted campaigns you can run your way
One-on-one traffic analysis and direct advertiser feedback
Always available account managers eager to help you with any issue
A wide selection of special direct offers

A powerful statistics dashboard featuring all the data you need
An easy-to-understand ad platform geared for your success
Easy weekly/monthly payouts via wire, Paypal, or WebMoney
Excellent payouts on great global offers

Whole other level of engagement and profitability
Founded in 2014, JungleTap is comprised of dedicated online ad technologists with a singular dedication to unlocking the full commercial value of all traffic. We have partnered with many trusted and proven top global traffic sources to provide our advertisers with a truly worldwide reach and helping them to recruit the very best users.
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