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Обзор партнерской программы MyRentcar

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Every day our service allows thousands
of customers to search and find
the best deals on car rentals
We can offer you an increased number of customers and reservations,
using modern technology of searching and booking.
Your cars will be available at dozens of travel websites
which are participants of our vast partnership network.
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How does this work
Sign up MyRentacar Booking
Create your car’s profile
Indicate the available booking dates
Your offer will be immediately appear on dozens of our partners’ travel websites
Web visitors will be able to instantly rent your car through an automatic booking system MyRentacar Sales
You get orders for available cars. Orders which are ready to be performed
Up to 60% increase
in the amount
of your orders
Our booking system has already
been installed by dozens of travel websites
and this number is constantly growing.
The total daily number of potential
customers exceeds 7,000 people.
MyRentacar Booking saves
more than 25% of your
working time
We provide a full set of automated tools
for managing a rental fleet through
a convenient account management system:
Complete record-keeping of all your orders,
Current statistics on agents and sales channels,
Customer database which is automatically updated when
a new order comes up,
Pick up and drop off schedule for every day

MyRentacar Booking is available from
any device: PC, tablet or a smartphone.
Using MyRentacar Booking system is free.
We only charge a standard agent’s commission from the orders
that are received through our service.
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If you become our first partner
in the country you get 50% off
the commission fee.
* This special offer applies to the first 50 orders received through us.
© Copyright, 2011-2014, MyRentacar
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