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Обзор партнерской программы Smaato

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SPX: The Smaato Publisher Platform
A globally-focused, mobile-first platform and free ad server for publishers & app developers

The Leading Global Real-Time Advertising Platform for Mobile Publishers & App Developers
Largest Global Reach
Smaato is the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange, with unprecedented global reach
Extensive Demand
Our extensive network of demand partners provides a massive variety of advertisers with one single integration
Higher Revenue
We’ve built dynamic, real-time competition for every impression right within our platform, providing higher eCPMs and immediate monetization
SPX Features
The only integrated mobile monetization solution bringing mobile, native and programmatic together on a unified platform.
Revenue increase with Dynamic Demand
SPX creates a ‘super auction’ where the best available demand source is evaluated for every impression to maximize yield on an impression-by-impression basis.
Full monetization controls
SPX offers publishers full pricing controls and built-in optimization automation.
Native Ad Builder
Easily create a native ad app or mobile site in a variety of formats from within SPX
Private Marketplace
Create exclusive and premium deals for native, video, rich media or standard ad units through private exchange or preferred deal buying models
More Demand Partners than any other mobile ad server
SPX allows publishers to manage 260+ DSPs, 190+ directly integrated ad networks and their own ad network relationships from within a single platform.
SDK Mediation
Integrate a new or existing account with major SDK-enabled ad networks you’re already working with into your SPX demand stack. Mediate them with your existing demand directly in our platform to diversify your demand and generate revenue uplift via increased competition.
Free and easy to use
SPX allows publishers to quickly monetize their properties through a very simple three-step setup process, all while charging no ad serving or technology fees.

(Screenshot: SPX Dashboard v.1.10)
«Smaato offers BBM a breadth of ad formats – image, rich media and native, a feature rich self-service platform with flexibility to adjust floors, view performance at a granular level, and an account management team that is engaged to help setup Private Marketplaces and optimize performance. They have been a part of BBM’s monetization strategy since December 2014 and continue to be a key partner for indirect demand.»
Haridas Nair
VP of Business Development, Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry
Are you ready to monetize your app or mobile website?
More than 90,000 publishers and app developers are already using Smaato
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Billion Mobile Users per Month
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Mobile App Publishers Take Notice as Android eCPMs Surge
Who’s winning the mobile platform war: Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? In terms of sheer volume, Android phones outsell iOS phones globally, but historically iOS users have been considered more valuable by advertisers.
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Posted by Brian Finnerty
on April 28, 2016

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with BlackBerry
As the leading independent real-time advertising platform, Smaato collaborates with over 90,000 mobile publishers and app developers from all around the globe.
Read More
Posted by Smaato Inc.
on April 13, 2016

Speed vs. Security: Optimizing Secure Communication
Internet traffic is moving increasingly towards ubiquitous use of secure connections (HTTPS rather than HTTP). Proper handling of these secure connections in order to make them as fast as possible…
Read More
Posted by Johan Beisser
on April 12, 2016

MMA Mobile Marketing Leadership Forum
May 10 – 11 / NEW YORK, USA
The MMA Mobile Marketing Leadership Forum, formerly the MMA NY Forum, will help marketers understand how to invest these dollars, formulate effective mobile strategies as well as give guidance on how to be an agent of change organizationally.
More Info Event Website

DevGamm Moscow
May 12 – 13 / MOSCOW, RUSSIA
DevGAMM Moscow 2016, the Game conference for developers and publishers, is hours of close communication between reps of game industry from different countries and disciplines, a perfect balance between high-grade technical and marketing lectures…
More Info Event Website

JSConf Budapest 2016
JSConf Budapest is a 2-day, non-profit, for-the-community by-the-community conference about JavaScript, with the purpose to build and educate about new technologies, ideas and culture.
More Info Event Website

Smaato’s SDK Update Offers Six New Native Ad Templates
The advertising industry is abuzz about native advertising — if you’re still new to native ads, check out our previous posts on native advertising in mobile and native ads with Smaato.
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Posted by Bertrand Rothen

Publishers: Monetize on Windows Phone 10 With Our New SDK
Calling all Windows & Windows Phone developers. Continuing Smaato’s strong commitment to Microsoft’s cross-device OS, we’ve released a brand new Windows 10 SDK to support the most recent version.
Read More Comments
Posted by Bertrand Rothen

New SPX Feature: SDK Mediation for Higher Mobile Ad Revenue
To keep up with Smaato’s promise of making our SPX platform your one-stop-shop for mobile monetization, we’ve just broadened the amount of options publishers have to bring third-party demand to their setups by releasing SDK Mediation within SPX today.
Read More Comments
Posted by Bertrand Rothen

The downfall of the walled garden: Here’s why iAd failed
Apple is the world’s most valuable company — no other company even comes close. That shouldn’t be surprising, as the Silicon Valley-based company has created an unparalleled hardware culture that more resembles a lifestyle than a brand.
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Ragnar Kruse on TechCrunch – March 28th, 2016

Smaato: Share of In-App Mobile Ad Spending Increased 13% in 2015
Advertising platform Smaato has released its Q4 2015 Global Trends in Mobile Advertising Report, which revealed mobile ad spending in the U.S. increased 174 percent year-over-year, from Q4 2014 to Q4 2015.
Read More
Brandy Shaul on Adweek – March 23rd, 2016

2016: The year mobile advertising graduates
In the world of online advertising, 2012 could probably have been called the “year of mobile.” It had been about to happen, we’d been told, for several years. Sure, mobile advertising existed before this, but in this period something palpable changed.
Read More
Garrett McGrath on VentureBeat – December 2nd, 2015

Introducing: Native Ad Builder & Private Marketplace on SPX
Get a first look at the release of Smaato’s new Native Ad Builder & Private Marketplace functionality on the Smaato Publisher Platform, SPX.
Date: September 15, 2015

Introducing SPX: #3 — SMX Line Items
Learn how to configure and optimize your SMX monetization setup in Smaato’s new product, the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX).
Date: June 24, 2015

Introducing SPX: #2 — Inventory Setup
Learn how to setup your app’s or mobile site’s inventory for monetization in Smaato’s new product, the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX).
Date: March 18, 2015
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What are our clients saying

Smaato proved to be a partner with high quality standards and a personalized approach to customer service. We are very happy with their market quality team that delivers regular reports on ad quality. 90% of mobile monetization is powered by technology. The other 10% is the people behind the technology. Smaato’s got both covered.
Artis Kehris
Head of Advertising Sales, ASKfm

We have a long-term and very successful partnership with Smaato. Ximad has seen great success in our eCPM growth on their platform, and as a result, strong revenue growth with Smaato. We also love the detailed statistics we get with SPX, and the fast and always kind service from Smaato’s team.
Svetlana Osipova
Ad Ops Manager at XIMAD

Working with Smaato transitioned our programmatic buying much more quickly into the mobile space. This has in turn created an incremental revenue channel for us at SPH Digital. The service and integration team at Smaato has been brilliant to work with, with a clear emphasis on getting things done with great speed. This is just the start of a long-term partnership between SPH Digital and Smaato.
Koh Weng Wai
Product Development & Digital Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

SPX has improved fill rate and eCPM, has an easy integration guide for both native and Javascript integration and a super easy reporting system compared to other ad network consoles. The intuitive admin console minimizes our manual work which is very important for a middle-sized publisher like us!
Fritz Mikio Kuribayashi
IGNIS America, Inc.

Spice Labs has enjoyed a steady increase in fill rate by 25%. Apart from that, the eCPM has also doubled. All these results were evident within a short span of one week.
Hitesh Sharm
CTO at Spice Labs

Smaato provides an advanced mobile ad exchange that gives us scale and coverage across a wide range of ad formats and geographies. Smaato also provides personalized account management which makes it a great partner to work with.
Olivier Rozay
VP of Business Development & Monetization at Pinger
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